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Ding Deke,Secretary of the Party Committee of WNU

Ding Deke, male, born in 1962, PhD, Professor, doctoral tutor, is the President and Deputy Secretary of Party Committee of Weinan Normal University. Mr. Ding Deke is, at the same time, the deputy Director of Shaanxi National Defense Science and Technology & Economic Development Research Center. Mr. Ding’s research mainly focuses on the National Security Economics and Confucianism and Taoism in Pre-Qin Dynasty. Up to now, Mr. Ding has conducted quite a few Projects supported by the National Social Science Fund and other state-level or provincial scientific research projects. Mr. Ding’s research achievements include 5 books and a series of articles published, plus a number of scientific research prizes awarded at provincial or ministerial levels.

Ren Jian, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of WNU

Ren Jian, male, born in 1961, postgraduate, is the Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission of Weinan Normal University. Mr. Ren has rich experience in the Party affairs and administrative management, and has won a couple of prizes at different levels. Besides, Mr. Ren has published some articles concerning the Party affairs and administrative management.

Cheng Shuqiang, Vice President of WNU

Cheng Shuqiang, male, born in 1968, Doctor of Management, Professor, “Three Five” Talent of Shaanxi Province, is the Vice President of Weinan Normal University. Mr. Cheng mainly engages in the research on Corporate Governance and Electronic Commerce. Up to now, he has conducted many projects including one supported by National Social Science Fund, nine others funded at provincial or ministerial levels. Mr. Cheng’s prominent achievements are seen in the 2 books and over 30 articles published, together with 4 different awards given at provincial or ministerial levels.

Li Hailong, Vice President of WNU

Li Hailong, male, born in 1963, Professor, Doctor of Engineering, is the Vice President of Weinan Normal University. Mr. Li mainly engages in the teaching of Basic Mathematics and theoretical research on Analytic Number Theory. As a participant of a project funded by the National Natural Science Fund and leader of 7 other projects supported by Shaanxi Natural Science Fund and others, Mr. Li has made prominent achievements in the field. Up to now, Mr. Li has published over 60 articles and won a couple of awards such as Shaanxi University Science and Technology Progress Award, etc.




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